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Peak Performance.

Of brand assets & marketing spend.

We ask simple questions, have tough conversations & provoke new thinking to solve business and brand problems. 

Using art and science to help you make better decisions about your brand and business growth.


Creating work that helps your brand catch the wind.




Stakeholder workshops

Demo & Psychographics

Content Development

[Re] + Brand Strategy

Targeted Sales Strategy

Communication Strategy

CSI & Enterprise Dev Strategy


Brand & logo design

CI, stationery, collateral


Print & production


Activations & Outdoor

Promotional material

Integrated Marketing Campaign Creative


Brand campaigns (employee + client)

Product Marketing

Communications & Media Planning

Targeted Media & Advertising 

Digital marketing & e-commerce


Integrated Marketing Campaign Production 

Websites & app’s


Advertising -radio, print, online, mobile

Reputation Management

Social media 

Creativity. Collaboration. Community.

We are a dynamic, curious team combining multiple perspectives and lived experiences to solve your business and brand challenges. 

We provide services across systems and platforms. 

So your business deals with one accountable service provider.

Our team functions as an extension of your business, we are as invested in your business’s success as you are.


We work from the bottom up to understand a brand’s context and the depth to which its purpose is entrenched in its work, people, processes, identity, experience.


We function as an extension of your business. Designing a targeted-impact, driven strategy and campaign to grow your brand, your business and market share.


Using art, science, curiosity, persuasion, psychology, creativity and social engineering tools to solve your business and brand problems.


Ensuring consistency across touchpoints and channels, we track how your brand assets perform to ensure they deliver on your purpose.

Trouble shooting

Things go wrong, online and offline. We grow, manage and protect reputations across platforms, especially when the heat is on. We are gladiators in crisis and reputation management. 


Brand marketing is a business tool, with a job to perform. It communicates emotion, helping clients and staff develop a relationship with your business and brand. Your marketing spend needs to be measured and deliver business growth. 

About Us

   Shy-red Studio’s is a creative consultancy that solves business and brand problems.  

We use the art and science of marketing to deliver solutions, from concept to strategy and execution. 

Making business & marketing fit for purpose.

We are entrepreneurs at heart, a team of creators, problem solvers and strategists who believe in what we do.

Our team are honest and direct about your brand health. Our work has a single objective, to build businesses and grow reputations.

Our Focus

We treat marketing, branding and communication as core components of your business.

Whatever your business objective, our team creates work that helps it catch the wind.

We advise leaders, teams and programmes on innovation, social engineering, brand & digital marketing, internal communication, operations and reputation management.

Our skills help your brand assets to perform optimally. It’s how we grew our business and how we will help grow yours.

Let’s Create Something


Head Offices

Gauteng, North West, KZN