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Our Services


Research & Content

Research is an ear. Content is a speaker. Together they allow us to understand your audience, to listen and respond to their needs. 

Our team use both tools to align your social programme, marketing and outreach. 

DipStick Research l  Foundation Building l  Impact Assessments l M & E’s 


Strategy & Creative

Strategy enables consistency. Creative bridges the gap between your audience and your purpose. 

How you communicate who you are, what you do and why an audience needs to connect, must be consistent. 

Our team develops/ aligns/ understands your strategy so it guides all creative execution.

Business  l  Brand & Comm’s Strategy  l  CSI Strategy  l  Strategy re-alignment

Design  l  Branding  l  Content  l  Messaging l  Digital


Storytelling & Coaching

A great story is moving and memorable. It allows you to influence, teach, inspire, engage and forge a connection with audiences.

We use storytelling to form connections between audiences, ideas and messages – conveying what unites us.

Video  l  Scripting  l  Pitch Decks  l  Storytelling l  Digital


Social Engineering

Our social engineering is geared to help  programmes and change agents to achieve impact, visibility and reach.

Making them fit for purpose.

Staff Volunteer Programmes  l  Campaigns l  Activations  l