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About Us

Shy-red Studio’s is a creative consultancy.

We take the time to understand teams, people, processes, brands.

Using the art and science of marketing to deliver solutions, from concept to strategy and execution. 

Helping companies to leverage culture and teams to galvanise performance.

Using creativity to solve business and brand challenges.

Brand marketing is not about pretty pictures it’s about employees, processes, client touchpoints and experiences. 

When these moving parts work in synergy, brands achieve success.


Our experts behind the wheel

Our team are rock solid strategists, content mavens, story lovers and obsessed project managers.

We believe in lean teams, top achievers who think on their feet and use creativity to solve problems. A combination of left and right brain thinkers. Always thinking 5 steps ahead and building for sustainability rather than the project scope.

If we don’t believe in something, we won’t do it.

Our benchmark is quality not scale.


Strategy & Brand


Design & Social Media


Communications & Positioning


Research & Behaviour Change


Crisis & Reputation Management


Digital & Online


Content & Messaging


Graphic & Brand Design

Local & Global

We trouble shoot and work across functions, no ego’s, no titles. 

We have a national and global team of consultants that are high skilled and hand picked. 

We scale up or laterally as a project requires it, using our core team as steering wheels.

We look for root causes and solutions, to grow your business. 

Our team looks at business problems as platforms for engagement, invention, curiosity, re-engineering, knowledge bearing.

That perspective inspires people and unlocks potential.

Process is merely a tool.

Our Benchmark 




About Us 


Creativity stems from our uber diverse team and their skills.

Our Company

Black female owned, staffed, managed (Level 1 BEE)

Operational since 2012.

Passionate entrepreneurs & change agents.

Crazy enough to make the world a better place.

Driven enough to succeed.

Tools & Skills

Strategists. Project managers. Creatives. 

Design. Persuasion. Psychology. Creativity.

Passionate. Driven. Ambitious.

Left and Right Brain Thinkers.

Art and Science of Marketing. 

Our Start

I am Trusha, a multi-faceted individual, curious by nature and able to thrive across fields, industries, sectors and personalities because of my wit, and my attitude to not just swim or sink, but to break the world record when thrown in the deep end.

I started Shyred Studios not from the romantic notion of being an entrepreneur but from the lived reality of being a highly skilled professional, with a newborn and zero flexibility with work options.

I am smart, driven and ambitious so I bet on myself, hit the ground, found work, acquired clients and built the culture and model that I wanted.  I have grown the team at Shy-red, personally and literally created the culture that didn’t exist when I needed it.

We are not an agency. We don’t charge for hours. We are a consultancy that functions as an extension of your business using creativity to solve business and brand challenges.

In 8 years we have built a team, a culture and a community that I have dreamed of. And most importantly, we have done work that matters.

Our name

Shy-red is the culmination of two of my favourite things. My daughters name and my favourite colour. Putting my daughters name on the company is my biggest motivation.

Her name matters. So I can’t let her down. In the toughest times with stress that is overwhelming. I need to keep moving forward. To build. To create. To innovate. To learn. To empower her name, so that when she is ready it has an identity, it is a brand and she has passed begin.