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Using creativity

to solve

business & brand problems.

We work for people that change the world.

A voice for the underdog

Kutlwanong, Centre for Maths, Science & Technology 

Engaging employees on purpose

Deutsche Bank Foundation

Combining Art & Science

Delivering work that moves us, grows your business and builds the economy.

Radioactivity to sustainability.

National Radioactive Waste Disposal Institute  

55 States. 1 Youth Skills Programme.

African Union – S.I.F.A 

Aligning People


& Profit

Breathing life to the triple bottom line

Launching an EduTech Startup.


Enabling bankers to re-connect with clients.

Investec Private Bank 

Harnessing a brand purpose

Across touchpoints

Giving your brand the shoes to dance like a pro

Digital Synergy.

Asari – IT, Tech Digital Co.

Our Ethos.

Africa Focused

We are born and bred on this continent. We are passionate about making it a better place for all who call Africa, home.


For us, it’s not a process, it’s a mindset. It’s how we built our business and how we unlock the potential in yours.

Coffee Cup Bandits

We work anywhere, anytime. Neither the client, budget or timeline dictates the awesomeness of what we deliver.

We start with the end in mind

Design, persuasion, creativity, psychology, digital are performance marketing tools to solve problems and entrench a brands purpose. 

Value fanatics

The world has enough noise and clutter. We create work that matters. It’s what we’re passionate about and what drives us.

Boot strapping

We are entrepreneurs by nature. Our aim is to create value. We achieve impact, by focusing on quality then scale.

Millenial Marketing

Study Trust  – A National Bursary

Administrator & NSFAS partner.

Product Marketing 

Investec Private Bank.

Black Professionals. Movement & Community.

Alumni Associations – Investec.

Clients who trust us.

About Us

   Shy-red Studio’s is a creative consultancy that solves business and brand problems.  

We use the art and science of marketing to deliver solutions, from concept to strategy and execution. 

Making business & marketing fit for purpose.

We are entrepreneurs at heart, a team of creators, problem solvers and strategists who believe in what we do.

Our team are honest and direct about your brand health. Our work has a single objective, to build businesses and grow reputations.

Our Focus

We treat marketing, branding and communication as core components of your business/ social cause.

Whatever your business objective, our team creates work that helps it catch the wind.

We advise leaders, teams and programmes on innovation, social engineering, brand & digital marketing, internal communication, operations and reputation management.

Our skills help your brand assets to perform optimally. It’s how we grew our business and how we will help grow yours.

Let’s Create Something


Head Offices

Gauteng, North West, KZN