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Investec Private Bank 

Product re-alignment.


Travel is more than a trip. It is an opportunity to see the world, get exposed to culture, traditions, people, cuisine. It is an opportunity to be transported to magical, mystical places and to experience a different side of life.  

But travel requires preparation. Being Organised and Methodical.

If you don’t have the time or energy for the travel admin, you outsource it.

Investec’s travel offering, despite being stellar, was a secret to its clients. Clients are busy. Amidst too many emails, many had little knowledge of the product, missed exciting travel specials and didn’t make full use of the service.

Our aim was to highlight and profile the experience of Travel By Investec.  

Our team provided an integral feedback loop.

Helping clients understand the uniqueness of what was on offer, by experiencing it first-hand. 

And helping the internal team re-align the product closer to client tastes.

Why travel with us?


Travel Miles.


Bankers and clients relished the activation.

It enhanced interaction and communication between clients, product and bankers.

Client uptake of product instantly improved once they understood the awesomeness of what was on offer.

kg's oysters consumed


Increase in product usage


Client engagement

Animals harmed during activation

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